Discovering the Charms of Marion Street Seattle

Marion Street Seattle: A Fascinating Place to Explore

Marion Street is a bustling street in the heart of Seattle. It is located in the downtown area and is surrounded by skyscrapers, parks, shops, and restaurants. This street has a rich history and played an important role in the development of Seattle as a thriving metropolis. Today, it is known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse community of residents, business owners, and visitors. For those who love to explore new places and learn about their history and culture, Marion Street Seattle offers a fascinating journey that is not to be missed.

Marion Street Walkway comming up from Alaskan Way Seattle, Washington …

Seattle Now & Then: Marion Street Looking East through Western Ave, ca …

Marion Street in Seattle is a quaint little street that offers many charming attractions. This street has been around for a long time and has a lot of history behind it. In this article, we will explore some of the best things to see and do on Marion Street.


1. Explore the Marion Street Garden Marion Street Garden Herb CSA and Farm Stand

The Marion Street Garden is a beautiful public garden that features a wide variety of flora and fauna, as well as several walking paths.

2. Visit the Fran’s Chocolates store

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Fran’s Chocolates is a local chocolate shop that has been around since 1982. They offer a wide variety of chocolates, candies, and other sweet treats.

3. Enjoy some coffee at the Seattle Coffee Works

The large Seattle Coffee Works sign enjoys a cup of coffee as it towers …

The Seattle Coffee Works is one of the most popular coffee shops in Seattle, and it happens to be located on Marion Street.

4. Take a stroll through Freeway Park

Visiting Freeway Park – Downtown Seattle’s Manmade Canyon on a Freeway …

Freeway Park is located just off of Marion Street, and it offers visitors several trails to explore.

5. Visit the Frye Art Museum

Seattle Frye Art Museum – Cultivating Culture

The Frye Art Museum is one of the best art museums in Seattle, and it’s located just down the street from Marion Street.

Marion Street in Seattle offers many charming attractions for visitors to explore. From public gardens to chocolate shops, there’s something for everyone on this quaint little street. Whether you’re looking for art museums or outdoor trails, be sure to add Marion Street to your list of places to visit while you’re in Seattle!

Alaskan Way Viaduct demolition: Wrapping up double-deck demo on Seattle’s waterfront.
On Thursday, Oct. 10, crews reopened Marion Street on the east side of Alaskan Way. This time lapse video shows the final piece of double-deck demolition and the restoration of Marion Street.

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