Marion Street Cheese Market is a beloved cheese shop and cafe located in Oak Park, Illinois. But how did it come to be? In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of Marion Street Cheese Market, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a local institution.

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The early days of Marion Street Cheese Market.

Marion Street Cheese Market was founded in 2008 by Chris and Mary Jo Davlantes. The couple had a passion for cheese and wanted to share their love of artisanal cheeses with their community. They started out small, with just a few shelves of cheese and a small cafe area. But word quickly spread about the quality of their products and the cozy atmosphere of their shop. Within a few years, Marion Street Cheese Market had become a local favorite.

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The Fascinating History of Marion Street Cheese Market

The expansion and growth of the business.

As Marion Street Cheese Market gained popularity, the Davlantes knew they needed to expand their business. They began offering catering services and hosting cheese tastings and classes. They also expanded their menu to include sandwiches, salads, and other cafe items. In 2014, they opened a second location in Elmhurst, Illinois. Today, Marion Street Cheese Market is a thriving business with a loyal customer base and a reputation for high-quality products and exceptional service.

The focus on artisanal and local products.

From the beginning, Marion Street Cheese Market has been committed to offering artisanal and locally sourced products. The Davlantes believe in supporting small-scale producers and promoting sustainable agriculture. They work with a network of local farmers and cheesemakers to bring the freshest and most flavorful products to their customers. This focus on quality and sustainability has helped to distinguish Marion Street Cheese Market from other cheese shops and cafes in the area.

The impact on the community.

Marion Street Cheese Market has had a significant impact on the community since its opening. Not only has it become a beloved spot for locals to gather and enjoy delicious food and drinks, but it has also supported the local economy by sourcing products from nearby farmers and producers. Additionally, the Davlantes have been active in community events and initiatives, such as hosting fundraisers for local organizations and participating in local food festivals. The market has become a staple of the community and a symbol of the importance of supporting small businesses and sustainable agriculture.

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